The next time you take a road trip, put this spot on your list.

You may have heard me say this a time or two, but I am a burger girl. I could eat a burger at any time of day and for every single meal. It's the first thing I look for on a menu and may very well be my first love. It's safe to say that I've eaten one at just about every joint in town.

Which is why I was drawn to this list of the Best Burgers in All 50 States compiled by PopSugar.

This seems like the ultimate burger bucket list for me. As for their selection for Wyoming, we'll have to take a road trip to Lander. The best offering is the Local Burger at Cowfish. For me, simplicity is key and this burger is simple perfection. A juicy patty with white cheddar cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce with pickled red onions, dijon and lemon aioli. Okay, the lemon aioli is pretty fancy, but there isn't a lot of fluff on this burger otherwise.

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