Joerg Koch, Getty Images

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s gold.  Well, with that in mind, is one man’s “buzz” another man’s sobriety?  Well some law makers in Wyoming think so, and they’re considering raising taxes on beer to  help pay for rehab programs.

Wyoming lawmakers are in talks about possibly raising taxes on beer, which, by the way are the lowest taxes on beer in the nation, to be used as revenue to help pay for substance abuse centers and programs that deal with drug and alcohol abuse.

So far, the tax on our malt beverage of choice is 2 cents per gallon, an amount that hasn’t been raised since 1935.  But now some law makers say raising beer taxes could actually help others who struggle with drugs and alcohol, because Wyoming’s on a tight budget making it difficult to add more funding for these programs.  And some sources are saying that even if Wyoming TRIPPLED those beer taxes, we’d still have the lowest beer tax in the nation.

Now this isn’t their first time at the rodeo for this issue.  Some lawmakers have been pushing this idea for the past 2 decades, and it failed.  So can they pass it this time?  And if so, would you support an increase in beer taxes or would you be against it?