There are few better feelings in life than waking up from a really good nap. Maybe that is the emotion some grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park are experiencing as they've just reported the first bear sighting of 2021.

Yellowstone National Park just dropped this video on their Facebook page today.

In case you can't see their status on your device, here's the announcement from Yellowstone:

On Saturday, March 13, a pilot supporting park wildlife studies saw the first grizzly bear of 2021. From the air, the pilot watched the bear interact with wolves at a carcass in the northern part of the park. This is the first sighting of a grizzly bear in the park this year, although tracks have been seen on several occasions in the last two weeks.
The first bear sighting of 2020 occurred on March 7.

A few interesting things about the timing of this grizzly appearance. It's nearly a week later than last year. I have to wonder considering that the grizzly made himself known last weekend if he thought he woke up too early considering we were experiencing a record blizzard over much of Wyoming. The good news for him is it doesn't appear to have affected the Yellowstone area much.

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We're not that far away from Yellowstone National Park getting the roads cleared and opening the gates for regular traffic so we can see these grizzlies in person...albeit at a safe distance of 100 yards or more please.

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