Just about every Montanan knows basic survival techniques if you were to find yourself stranded in the woods. The first thing to do is NOT to panic. Freaking out can make your current situation even worse. The second thing to do is find clean water. The human body can go for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Next, build a shelter to protect you from the elements. Sleeping under the stars may sound fun. But if rain, wind or snow hit you in the middle of the night, things can go downhill quickly. Finally, build a fire. This will help you stay warm and cook any food you might find.

According to Sasquatch hunters, Bigfoot needs shelter too. In fact, lots of "squatchers" believe that they have found Bigfoot shelters in the wild.

According to the book "A Field Guide to Sasquatch Structures"

Sasquatch is a higher primate (like us) with a large brain, capable hands, and plenty of time to use them. As our evolutionary next of kin, this species, too, naturally manipulates its environment in distinctive and impressive ways.

As someone who has spent many hours walking through timber "deadfall," I can tell you that most of these "structures" are pure coincidence. Either that or possibly created as a human structure by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. Regardless, a tourist in Yellowstone National Park is convinced that he has found evidence of Bigfoot in the park. Judging by the video, it's a little small for a giant ape to fit in. Or, as one person comments in the video "Are you sure Bigfoot would fit in that teepee? Or is he just a small guy with big feet?"

With summer here, it is only a matter of time before we hear about more and more BIGFOOT sightings around Montana and the Pacific Northwest.


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