It's true, your family could be in the new season of HGTV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

You may remember the original show that aired on ABC from 2003-2013. It was known for its hunky host Ty Pennington, the hundreds of community members that showed up to volunteer, and the fact that they usually began each renovation by blowing up the home!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition HGTV via YouTube
Extreme Makeover Home Edition HGTV via YouTube

If you look closely at the picture above (taken from video footage of a home they renovated in Cheyenne, Wyoming) you may just see a 20 something Prairie Wife.

The new version of the hit series will stick to the same "plot" as the original. They are looking for “people who deserve a new place to live and who have uplifting, inspirational stories that must be told.”

Once a family is chosen the crew will descend upon the town, send the family on vacation, blow up their house and then with dozens of volunteers and local businesses build a new fabulous home.

I'm not sure if they will use the "move that bus" tagline from the original show as part of the big reveal at the end of each episode, but I hope so!

If you want to enter to be a part of HGTV's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition you can follow this link to enter yourself or an inspiring local family.

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