While it's no secret that the majority of Casperites love it here, there are still reasons why one might be tempted to leave. These are the top reasons given by you, our social media followers:

  1. The Wind
  2. The Weather/Winter
  3. Work/Job/Economy
  4. A Fresh Start
  5. Landlocked
  6. To Travel
  7. Lack of Shopping Options
  8. Lack of a Dating Scene
  9. Lack of Young Adult Activities
  10. Lack of Children's Activities
  11. Lack of Culture
  12. Lack of Healthcare Options
  13. Illegal Drug Problems
  14. Rising Crime Rate
  15. Traffic/Bad Drivers

While we don't necessarily agree 100% with all the reasons, again, these were chosen by the people.

Three of our favorite responses that didn't make the top list are:

  • Another possible Kanye West sighting
  • To get away from drinking
  • To go and see the other states and come to realize there's no place like home!

Here are all your responses from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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