Ready for a career change? Maybe you've got an entrepreneurial spirit and don't know where to start. Check out some of these easy ways to make a quick buck in Wyoming...


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    Create Redneck Uber

    Get a few of your buds with trucks together and create the Wyoming-style ride sharing service. Uber is great for getting around Wyoming in the summer. But, what happens when there's two feet of snow, or someone wants to move and doesn't have a truck? You've heard of Lyft... this is more life "Lyft Kit." Anyone? Anyone?

    Cheryl Leavitt, Sweet Faces By Cheryl
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    Start An Oxygen Bar

    It might sound silly if you're not a city slicker, but they actually charge for oxygen in cities now. Oxygen bars are said to help hangovers specifically. Whether it actually works or not is beside the point, you could certainly convince tourists they need to grab some extra air in Wyoming's elevation.

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    Fantasy Rodeo Camp Instructor

    Every spring, adult men enroll in fantasy baseball camp. Why not create a fantasy rodeo camp? Even if you have no rodeo experience, you probably know a couple guys that look like cowboys. Check Wyoming's Craigslist for used mechanical bulls and hay bales for sale.

    Scott Olson, Getty Images
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    I-80 Delivery Service

    Team up with your friends from Redneck Uber (see above) and hit up I-80 when it closes. The hundreds of folks that get stuck on the road will be so grateful when you show up with hot beverages, snacks, warm clothing, and full gas cans. And you'll be grateful they'll have no choice and have to pay ridiculous prices for them.

    Wyoming Department of Transportation
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    Open A Hurricane Simulator

    Have you ever seen one of those hurricane simulator booths in a mall? People actually pay to feel what strong wind gusts are like. You don't even need a booth in Wyoming to do that. Just take their money and show them outside.