You can't fault the boy for trying. A 5-year-old Utah boy was pulled over on the interstate by the highway patrol. He told the officer that he took the family car because he was on his way to buy a Lamborghini.

This is the video shared by Reuters on YouTube as provided by the Utah Highway Patrol.

KUTV in Utah shared even more backstory about what this kid was trying to accomplish and how he ended up in the family car in the first place.

According to their story, the boy was being watched by his sister who fell asleep. It was then that he grabbed the keys and managed to drive two miles up I-15 before the officer pulled him over. Amazing that the kid knew to pull over when he saw the officer's lights behind him.

A day later, he got to ride in the Lamborghini he was after.

Say what you want about keeping car keys out of the reach of children, but you gotta admit this boy has great taste in super cars.

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