Let's be honest. When someone mentions what part of America they reside, we can't help but quickly judge them based simply on what part of the nation they are from.

"Oh! You are from California? How is the air pollution?"

"I hear you are from Oregon. Huh, are you homeless?"

And so on...

But what about when you meet someone from, say, North Dakota? Maybe Indiana? Sometimes it's challenging to put a label on people from other states than ours. Well, thanks to this handy map derived from a recent Daily Beast poll, you may no longer have to struggle with stereotyping someone from another state.



As you can see, Wyoming State is widely recognized as the "fatal car crash" region of America. And frankly, as much as other states may want to argue their position in this poll, this label is not too far from the truth. Sadly.

To get a better birds-eye view of this map click here.

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