The Denver Broncos have had a few different looks since their inception back in 1960 when they were in the AFL, and there are various opinions on which color scheme and logo were best. Back in the day, the Broncos color scheme didn't even have blue and orange in it: it was a brown and yellow scheme. Very Wyoming Cowboy(ish)...glad they changed THAT.

The Broncos sported these in their first two years of existence and compiled a record of 7-20-1 from 1960-1962)

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They debuted the new color scheme featuring orange as the main color in 1962. With these particular uniforms, the Broncos compiled a record of 22-60-2 through the 1967 season.

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I even think back to the old "Orange Crush" days in the 70's, the legend of the old Mile High Stadium, and watching those games on TV and seeing the cameras shake from the crowd noise. That's STILL what I think of when I think of the Denver Broncos.

This era of Broncos uniforms brought the team to a record of 251-194-2 and of course the team's first Super Bowl birth in January of 1978. A loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

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For me, I grew up in the the 80's. So, when I think of the Denver Broncos, I STILL go back to the big D logo on the helmet with the Bronco in the middle.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia and, when it comes to sports, I love the throwbacks for most teams, especially for the Broncos. I think of John Elway doing his thing and making all of those historic comebacks with the "3 Amigos" with Karl Mecklenberg, Tom Jackson, Dennis Smith, Mike Harden and company on defense knocking people around and Coach Dan Reeves roaming the sideline in a sharp suit.

Wearing these uniforms from 1968 through the 1996 season, the Broncos' record was 251-194-7. The franchise had a ton of success and memorable moments with these uniforms, but they couldn't quite close the deal on a Super Bowl win going 0-4 in the big game.

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When the move was made to "freshen up" the Broncos look, I was VERY skeptical, but how can anyone argue with the initial results: 2 Super Bowl wins in the first two years of wearing the new uniforms with the new (and current) logo. They debuted these uniforms in September of 1997 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

These uniforms are pretty much the same as today (with the exception of the orange jersey that was brought back in 2012). The Broncos compiled a record of 138-83 from 1997 through the 2011 season.

And then from 2012- present day, the Broncos are 92-62 with their current uniforms. 

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These days, the Broncos mostly wear their orange jersey's with the more aerodynamic looking logo on the blue helmets, with the exception of two games a year where they wear the blue jerseys and one game a year where they don the classic D logo helmet.

Here's a cool look back on the history of Denver Broncos uniforms:

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No matter WHAT uniform or logo they're sporting, let's just hope for more wins this year and a return to the postseason. Go Broncos!

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