Youtube is an endless limit of videos. When you start you're never really sure where you're going to end up. I thought it would be interesting to follow my journey and see what happens. I start with the video for "Cups" by Anna Kendrick. Here is what happened.

Hearing this song today, I realized I had never seen the video. That's where it begins.

On the right of the screen was the video for Sammy Adams "LA Story", a summery jam. I've never seen a picture of Sammy Adams to I look to see if the dude fits his voice. Was pleasantly surprised this video has a hoverboard in it.

The song isn't bad, but it's on Vevo and not Youtube. My computer doesn't like Vevo so I back out to Youtube and try again. How do I not pick a BBC interview with Jay Z?

Love the interview with Jay, but how are there no other Jay Z videos on the right of the screen? Oh but there is a 47 second DIY automatic patio sliding door! And it has over 700,000 views!!

That blew my mind. And what do I see? A video with Anna Kendrick singing "Cups" on David Letterman. Another round of Youtube rapped up.