Where: Fort Caspar Museum
When: August 8th

When the folks at American Idol announced that season 12 would come with some new twists, we didn't know that one of those twists would include a visit to Casper as an audition stop.  As we first told you, Casper was one of the ten small U.S. cities selected for their "American Idol Small Town Audition Bus Tour" - but details have been fairly hard to come by so far.  However, the story is starting to take shape.

As of this writing, complete information still hasn't been announced at American Idol's website, although they are scheduled to officially open their online audition process as of today (August 1), and according to Idol, it will remain open through Tuesday, August 14 for user-submitted video auditions.

Fort Caspar

Although it's yet to be officially released by Idol, we understand that Casper's stop on the AI bus tour will take place on Wednesday, August 8th - at Fort Caspar.  Fort Caspar has confirmed it on the city's website, and is now welcoming Idol on their marquee out front.  Logistically, it will certainly be a challenge if word gets around in enough time to attract a typical Idol audition crowd - but we can only assume that the producers were looking for a backdrop for the auditions that will suggest a little of Casper's history to viewers.

Our sources say that while the bus tour will include decision-makers and American Idol program staff, this will likely not include the typical judges panel that you see in their larger cities - meaning the chances of catching a glimpse of new season 12 judge Mariah Carey and company roasting some marshmallows at the Fort Caspar Campground are fairly slim.

However, it will be a great opportunity to get in front of one the largest television shows on the planet and make your mark - we'll stay plugged in to everything Idol and continue to pass along specifics on the audition process and coverage of American Idol 12's trek to Casper as they become available.

Now that we have a date and a place, comment below - what do you think about their choice of location?  Are you or anyone you know planning on auditioning?  Will you be watching Season 12 of Idol?


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