Dear Knucklehead,

While I understand that no one is perfect and we've all made mistakes, especially when it comes to driving, you sir (or ma'am), need to back off a smidgen.

You were way to close to my bumper for my comfort. Had your windows not been tinted, I could have seen your face (and gender), but alas, your raised Ford 150, with the extra large exhaust, probably needs every single after market accessory you can add to it to make you feel better about life.

Considering how many accidents have resulted in untimely deaths and property damage in around the state already this year, I would hope in the future you will be more mindful of safety. Before you rode my bumper, in the slow lane, I might add, I did observe you doing the same thing to the car right next me that was in the fast lane. Apparently, the fact that they slowed down (which I found hilarious), upset you enough that you had to change lanes to use the same behavior with me.

I too wanted to adjust to a slower speed, but as I was in a company vehicle, I choose not to tarnish my company's name.

Under normal circumstances, I might have taken the time to get your license plate to report this unsavory behavior, but you caught me on a good day. Hopefully wherever you were going in such a hurry, you reached your destination in one piece.

Yours Truly,

A Concerned Local Driver

P.S. - I've included a link to the Wyoming Statue for following too closely (click here). Just so you're aware... it is illegal.

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