It appears this mall cop went a bit beyond her duties of observing and reporting.  Was this an abuse of "power"?

This mall cop decided she was going to put and end to these spectators looking at and taking pictures of what appears to be a car accident.  She almost immediately becomes belligerent when it appears that no one is taking her "authority" seriously.  She screams, shouts, and finally becomes enraged enough to get physical, which in my understanding is a big no-no for security officers.  I will, however, give credit to the fact that she was doing her job of preventing pictures being taken on mall property.  I do not condone her tactics though.  If it was such a big deal, she probably should have called the actual cops to disperse the small crowd.  Do you think she was in the right?  Or was she way out of line?  Take the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions, or funny anecdotes.