If you're having a hard time remembering who Antoine Dodson is, take a look at the following video to refresh your memory.



Of course this wasn't quite the video that launched him into Internet Celebrity status. He sky rocketed when the Gregory Brothers got a hold of the news broadcast and turned it into the "Bed Intruder Song". Thanks Auto-tune!


Antoine has capitalized on his Internet fame by selling merchandise and doing "Club appearances". Which if you're not aware, basically Bars/Clubs pay you to show up and hang out. Probably one of the coolest things to get paid to do, ever. But Antoine has been smart and knows that this kind of fame can be a fleeting thing. So he's gone further, and has begun exploring his passion for music. He teamed up with singer / songwriter Brent Morgan to produce his new R&B track "Lovesick Lullaby".

And lucky for us, they produced a video for the song.


So what do you think? Does he have a career in music? Tell us in the comments.