Team Xtina is up next for the battle rounds on ‘The Voice,’ and it looks more like a battle of the ages than a battle of the voices.

Twenty-four year old Aquile, the singer who had his jaw wired shut a la Kanye West, and 15-year-old Nathalie Hernandez are set to compete with James Morrison’s ‘You Give Me Something’ — which is of course the genius of Aguilera, because the two singers are so different vocally, that despite the fact that they’re competing for a spot on her team, they’ll have to come together to make the song work.

“I want them to mesh well and allow the audience to experience the two of them together on that stage,” said Aguilera. Clearly, the vocal stylings of Aquile and Hernandez were going to be entertaining for her to see.

Aquile’s voice was smooth as usual, while Hernandez’s was a bit quieter but raspier, reminiscent of Norah Jones as Aguilera previously and correctly put. And while both vocals were good, Aquile came out the clear winner considering his range, but the song didn’t offer the two competitors much to work with: they spent the entire song facing each other, almost serenading one another with their rendition.

Their inability to connect with the audience may not have an effect on them tonight, considering Aguilera gets to make the final choice, but it would’ve been nice for some audience interaction.

And with that, Aguilera rightfully chose Aquile.