It's always nice to see one of Wyoming's own following their dreams. That is always the case with the Casper and Douglas-raised, but California-bred, Aquile.

Aquile has been steadily building up his already impressive resume by working with a cornucopia of San Diego's rising music stars, like singer/drummer/writer Elise Trouw and rapper iLL Nicky.

His latest video is an original composition called "D.W.A.K." (Dancing With A Killer). The song finds Aquile painting quite the vivid picture of a working girl and how he "wants to save her" from that lifestyle. The video is shot in a bar/video game arcade setting and shows him singing the melody, as well as the harmony, playing an acoustic guitar and some subtle drum licks, all at the same time, using a Boss RC-300 loop station.

Aquile has done it again!

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