Conspiracy theories will probably always run rampant among the masses. And those theories range from anything to the JFK assassination to the moon landing being falsified (to which I'm still partially in the air over myself). But the latest is the so-called secret images in our bills foretelling the events of 9-11, both the Pentagon attack and the World Trade Center. Check out the Facebook picture as well as the users description of what he saw in the bills:

Did the US Government already know something?
Five dollar bill shows the twin towers, Ten dollar bill shows after the planes collided, Twenty dollar bill shows the building collapsing, Fifty dollar bill shows the dust and the smoke, One Hundred dollar bill shows a new beginning...The monies are all shaped like Airplanes... What a Coincidence huh!!!

Whereas I found all this interesting, I post this for entertainment purposes only. You can judge for yourself. Take a minute or two actually to watch the video, especially if you think the folded airplanes were cool.

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