This guy must have nerves of steel and ice water flowing through his veins. A bear whisperer is shown on video convincing a huge grizzly to leave a populated area just by asking.

This happened last week near King Salmon, Alaska. A huge grizzly was spotted walking around cabins which is bad news for campers and potentially for the bear. The guy in the green jacket is a "bear tech".

The truth is this man is no doubt a trained wildlife expert who understands bear behavior and mannerisms. Still, how close he gets to this huge bear will take your breath away.

He reminds me of Timothy Treadwell who famously lived among grizzlies and unfortunately eventually lost his life to them. The movie "Grizzly Man" documented his life and his eventual tragic death.

If you follow Fish and Wildlife's safety tips on what to do if you meet a bear, you won't hear anything about asking them nicely to leave. However, this man's bravery likely saved the bear also. Too many bears that get comfortable around people places end up being put down. This big giant fortunately agreed with the man's gentle suggestion to head back into the woods where it's safer for him and the campers.

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