Video game developer Gate Five has notched a significant victory in its whopping $100 million lawsuit against the very-pregnant Beyonce. Bey’s lawyers applied to have the case, which was launched in April, tossed out of Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday (Dec. 6.) However, judge Charles Ramos denied this request, ruling that the gaming company can move forward with its lawsuit, according to WENN.

Gate Five had been prepping a game called ‘Starpower: Beyonce’ but the singer pulled out of the deal, and the game, a dance-themed, motion sensor romp featuring her music, collapsed. The company claims that it was forced to lay off 70 staffers as a result of her actions. The company asserts that Bey “abruptly abandoned” the project, despite things seeming to be good to go from the beginning.

If it is indeed true that 70 people lost their jobs due to Beyonce bouncing from this video game, that has to weigh heavily on her mind and her conscience.

Time to wait and see how this plays out in the courts. Lawyers for both sides could end up settling the case, as well.