The British anti-drunk driving campaign video, aka "#publooshocker", has made a viral entrance to the internet.  The campaign takes a bold approach and aims to scare potential offenders into making better choices.

The #PubLooShocker video, follows unsuspecting pub patrons into the bathroom, where they are met with a gruesome face through the mirror, assumedly meant to resemble a face going through a windshield during a drunk driving accident.  I'm not sure how effective this will be on the drunk driving end.  I can be sure that bar bathroom mirrors will never be looked at the same again.  The end of the video finally relays the point the campaign is driving at.  But up until then, the video keeps you wondering why these faces are smashing through a bathroom, or "loo", mirror.  Without the message at the end, the video would not be out of place on one of those random prank sites.

Do you think this could be an effective campaign?