The Masters is a gentlemen's event, but Bud Light doesn't seem to play by the same rules.

I've never been much of a golf fan. Actually, scratch that. I love putting golf on the television when I've got nothing to do because there is nothing greater to nap on the couch with than golf. So, I guess I am a fan of its relaxing qualities.

Right now, the big show is happening for professional golf... The Masters.

The Masters are in August, Georgia and they are super strict. In fact, security is handed a packet of procedures and even a list of phrases that have been banned. That means if a fan yells any of those phrases, they are immediately removed. One of those phrases is "Dilly, Dilly."


The same phrase used in Bud Light's latest medieval marketing campaign can get you expelled from the biggest golf tournament of the season. If you shout it, you get the boot. However, the beer company sees this as an opportunity, so they are seizing it.

Bud Light issues a decree (totally a medieval word) that they would print 1,000 T-shirts with the phrase Dilly Dilly on them and pass them out at the Masters. They posted this on Twitter. The way Bud Light sees things, is that you may not be able to shout "Dilly, Dilly", but your T-shirt can do it for you.


Your move, Masters.

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