Earlier this week, we asked you which of Casper's fouls are the biggest menace and the poll has been tallied. Between the Canadian geese and the wild turkeys (commonly know as Thomas Gobbles and Friends), the biggest pests has been chosen.

It comes as no surprise that Casper thinks the wild turkeys were voted the biggest menace. After years of attacking vehicles, clogging up traffic and the occasional physical assault, 39% of voters complained more about the turkeys. It is worth noting that 41% actually said both.

Foul Poll Results
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The official Thomas Gobbles Facebook page commented about not taking too kindly as being called a "menace". He stated:

Menace is a strong word. I would rephrase that to, "Which Casper Bird is the Biggest Narcissist?"

Maybe the bird has a point.

Betty Dabbs had this to say, which is probably the most accurate:

There here and we just have to learn to deal with them. They aren't going anywhere and grow in numbers every year. They may be a menace slowing down traffic where they are but that is true for all our wildlife that run though the different neighborhoods in town price we pay for being where these creatures have been since before there were towns and cities here.

Maybe humans and turkeys really should learn to live in harmony. If only we could keep them off the roads.

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