When one door closes, another one opens...or so the saying goes. But that has certainly proven to be the case for Casper's collegiate baseball teams. In December, the Casper Horseheads announced that they were ceasing operations, effective immediately.

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But, shortly thereafter, it was announced that a new team, dubbed 'The Casper Spuds' would be taking up the mantle of Casper's collegiate baseball team and now, the Casper City Council has brought them one step closer to home plate.

On Tuesday, the City Council approved a lease agreement for the Casper Spuds (Spuds Baseball Club LLC) to sell concessions at Mike Lansing Field.

According to a memo from the City of Casper Manager Craig Napier, "Spuds Baseball Club LLC will pay the City of Casper at total of $1,000 in rental fees and 5% of gross receipts from all concession and malt beverage sales, as well as from any advertising. Staff estimates revenue for the 2023 lease term will be just over $4,000."

The lease agreement is valid from April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024.

According to the memo, "The City of Casper was notified on December 2, 2022 that HA Baseball LLC, DBA (the Casper Horseheads) would be ceasing baseball operations in Casper as well as the operation of the concessions stand at Mike Lansing Baseball Stadium. Casper Horsehead owners introduced City staff to owners of The Spuds Baseball Club LLC upon notice of their team dissolution. The Spuds were established in 2020 out of Canyon City, Idaho...The Spuds Baseball Club LLC owners are interested in relocating their baseball club to Casper, Wyoming and taking over the concession operation at Mike Lansing Field."

According to the terms of the lease, the Spuds will be responsible for litter control, trash removal, trash bag replacement, the cleaning of restrooms and more, while the City of Casper will be responsible for utilities,, major repairs over $750, roadway and parking lot repairs, and more.

The Spuds also have approval to request a malt beverage permit, which will be considered separately.

"The Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Department requests approval for a lease agreement between the City of Casper and the Spuds Baseball Club LLC for the use and operation of Mike Lansing Stadium concessions stand for the sale of food and beverages, including beer/malt liquor. Spuds Baseball Club LLC is seeking a special malt liquor license, which requires this Agreement."

The full memo can be viewed below:

Lease Agreement

The Casper Spuds will presumably be taking the field this April!

Because when one door closes...

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