Russ Reddick's daughter Kira drowned during swimming lessons in July of 2004. The Drowning Support Network helped Russ tremendously during this trying time. To repay their kindness - and help others who lost loved ones in the water - Russ is riding his '07 Suzuki Hayabusa around the country on a non-stop, 10,000 miles 4 corners tour. Russ will be raising money, and giving seminars to increase drowning prevention and awareness. All proceeds will go increase drowning prevention, awareness, education, and to help other families cope through their extremely trying times. For more information on Russ' ride, and the Drowning Support Network, click here.

UMF Of Casper and Affordable Auto have teamed together to host a charity car wash on Saturday, August 31st to raise money for Russ. The wash runs from 3-5pm, and will be located in the Affordable Auto parking lot at 1905 E. Yellowstone Highway in Casper. For more information, call Mikey at 307-258-4532.

Drowning Support Network - UMF Of Casper