Yesterday (May 19th, 2020), we posed a simple questions to our Facebook audience: "Do you eat the heel in a loaf of bread"?

It seems there isn't a local collective decision on whether to eat it or throw it away.

I was personally raised to not waste food, so I use the heel all the time. Honestly, by the time I was a teen, the whole "yuck" factor was gone and I didn't mind using it at all. My grandmother used them in her cookie/brownie jar to keep her sweets soft. By putting a slice or two on top, all the hardness went into the heel and kept her homemade baked goods fresh.

A good 50% of our Facebook listeners had some pretty original ideas and re-purposing uses for the heel. Here are just a few of them:

The heel is the absolute BEST tool for buttering corn on the cob!!! Slather that "useless" heel up with butter, wrap it around your corn, coat evenly, and boom!!! - Erin Marie Vail

They make good buns for hamburgers or hot dogs! The juices don't go through them as bad. Only reason I use it! - Robin Sibal

My kids hate them.
Fun fact- when making grilled cheese, I use them, heel side in, and they don’t even know 😂 - Chris Paden

freeze the heels for stuffing or french toast. - Diana Frields Lomuti

I use it in my brown sugar jar. - Morgan Blain

Good to put in fresh baked cookies, tear off a piece and put in whatever you store your cookies in, keeps them fresher longer. - Brenda Lujan-Farris

I use them for breading my chicken parmesan. - Joe Waitforit Perea

Some of your ideas were pretty ingenious. What other interesting uses do you know for using the heel, other than throwing it away? Let us know in the comments.

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