You may have heard Andy Grammar's hit song, 'Honey I'm Good', but you've never heard it like this. Some lovely Wyoming ladies have put together an awesome cover and video of the hit song with great "only-a-mother-could-truly-understand-the-struggle" footage. The women of obviously put some serious time and effort into this project, including re-writing the lyrics and performing it themselves. There's even a cute little note on their website that doubles as a disclaimer:

I’m sure you can tell that we did all the singing and acting ourselves. If you had as much fun watching this as we had making it, PLEASE share it with your friends! We also reserve the right to change our minds about the “no more babies for me” statement…after all…you never know."

Any parent, especially with multiple children, will feel these lyrics. Awesome job ladies!!! We hope this video makes not only around the state and the country, but around the world!


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