The crew has done it again!

The ladies first parody video of Andy Grammar's hit "Honey I'm Good" has been viewed over 14,000 times. Maybe that's why they decided to keep it going with their latest effort, "Hunting Widows" (a parody of the Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried").

The term Hunting Widows was new to me, but it was fairly easy to figure out... even before watching the video. Now we all know exactly what goes on while the hubbies are away.

The ladies know singing isn't their strong suit, the videos are more about the fun. But just to keep the haters at bay, they included the following disclaimer on the site:

This video was created just for fun. We acknowledge that we are not professional actresses or singers, we are in no way trying to replace Destiny’s Child…

All the beautiful country ladies (and their children) look like they had a blast shooting the video. And if you look real close... you might even catch a special cameo appearance by a certain DJ that will remain nameless.

Keep up coming gals and keep representing for the Cowboy State!

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