Lazarus Benson, simply put... is amazing! Whether he's performing in front of a live audience of children or drunken bar patrons, he still manages to keep it classy and entertaining.

Maybe that's why when the rude, nasty and disparaging comments started over his latest trick of pranking a local Casper police officer, Lazarus pretty much stayed silent. Well, after about 4 days, over 20,000 views on Facebook and 2,600 views on YouTube, Laz has decided to break his silence.

Using the same bottle and paper bag from the original trick, Laz has successfully dispelled all rumors of camera trickery and other non-belief. If you've ever seen any of Heineken beer's "Most Interesting Man In The World" commercials, you'll enjoy this 30 second response video even more.

Way to destroy the skeptics and stay classy indeed. Kudos, my friend... well played.