In my experience, most men have a favorite t-shirt. Maybe it's to work out in, maybe it's to work on the car in, maybe it's to sleep in or maybe it's just to walk around the house in (those last two are me). The main issue with the favorite t-shirt is, most of the time it's not in the best of shape. In my case, it's extremely raggedy and full of holes.

Now as a bachelor, I don't have to worry about pleasing anyone (except myself), but in my past relationships, the girlfriends have not been fans of this particular fashion item. In my defense, it's not like I wear them out in public, but for everyday "I'm-off-of-work-now" house roaming, I figure it's my prerogative. Plus I know the ladies can't wait to get home and take off their bras, it's basically the same thing... right? It's all about being comfortable in the home.

This topic came up, because I have recently ventured back out in the dating scene and I can't see myself giving up my holey tees. So the real purpose of this poll is to see if any of my fellow male Casperites have a favorite shirt they refuse to relinquish, no matter its condition.

With that in mind:

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