Addiction has been making a name for himself in the Casper Hip-Hop scene for more than a decade. Whether he's running the boards, producing the beats or laying down verses, you'll normally find "Mr. 5-Foot-Something" putting in work in his home studio.

In addition to the countless projects he's released in the past ten years, he's also produced for many a Wyoming rapper and some pretty big names as well (like the underground powerhouse, Insidious Flow and the former Strange Music member, Kutt Calhoun).

Early this year, Addiction released the above video for his single "Ignorance Is Bliss", which was shot 100% in Casper. He's currently working an album titled "The Producer" and an upcoming Top Shelf Gang group project, which includes Exhorter, Philly FlamezBucktown Kev and other local artists.

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