The competition was stiff, but we have our winner for our first ever Casper's 'Sexiest Man Alive' contest. Over 65 of Oil City's finest studmuffins were nominated, but in the end, there can be only one.

You voted and the winner is:

1st Place - Jake Mayberry

Jake Mayberry

Congrats to Jake. He was the front runner throughout the competition, receiving 285 votes.

2nd Place - Lee Harden

Lee Harden

Lee grabbed the second spot with 199 votes.

3rd Place - Erik Carbajal

Erik Carbajal

Eric came in third with 141 total votes.

Honorable Mention - Thomas Gobbles

Thomas Gobbles

Although the infamous (and recently believed to be deceased) Thomas Gobbles actually received the most votes with 707 in total, it was brought to our attention, he technically isn't a man. All things considered, the contest does state Sexiest Man Alive, which he is neither. Regardless, strut those feathers in Heaven, good buddy.

A big congratulations to all 68 of the Casper hunks that were nominated.