Early this year we found out about the 11th route developed by Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) was going to be in Wyoming. Not only was there an 897 mile route made that you can download on GPS and follow, but there was also a documentary made of the journey.

RideBDR via YouTube

Prior to the Wyoming route, BDR had completed 10 other routes that are shared on their website ridebdr.com. Even though many of the routes are in the west, they've also completed a couple on the east coast.

The routes BDR has completed prior to Wyoming are:

  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Idaho
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Mid Atlantic
  • South
  • North East
RideBDR via YouTube

Now with the completion of Wyoming, there are 11 routes that you can go download and make it a wild, exciting, sometimes dangerous and adventurous trip.

BDR 10
RideBDR via YouTube

The Wyoming route begins at the Wyoming/ Colorado state line at Baggs, Wyoming (near Muddy Mountain) and is a multi-day trip on many unpaved, bumpy, hole filled, tree covered, water crossing backcountry roads and ends at the Wyoming / Montana state line.

RideBDR via YouTube

The documentary follows the group from start to finish, showing many of the beautiful and magnificent sights that the center of Wyoming has to offer.


That includes spots in Central Wyoming like:

  • Shirley Mountain
  • Alcova
  • Beaver Rim
  • Atlantic City
  • South Pass City
  • Wind River Range
  • Lander
  • Hudson
  • Shoshoni
  • Ten Sleep
  • Woodchuck pass
RideBDR via YouTube

Watching the documentary was great. Seeing areas of Wyoming that you're familiar with, but from a view that you've more than likely not seen before. This journey was fun to watch and you can actually follow the exact route and go on the adventure yourself.

RideBDR via YouTube

The documentary is One Hour and Twenty Four minutes long, but that time flies by.

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