You may have noticed the plethora of motorcycle riders making their way in and out of the city over the course of this week. That would be because the 81st Annual Sturgis Bike Rally is going on right now through Sunday (august 15th, 2021).

While motorcycle safety should be a thing year round, both for cyclist and all those on the road, there are some very alarming numbers when it comes to Wyoming and motorcycle fatalities.

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Overall, Wyoming is ranks 26th for motorcycle fatalities. While that isn't a high ranking, when you factor in our population, it's not a great ranking either. That's an average of 15 motorcycle fatalities per 10,000 people. The Cowboy State ranks considerably worse Motorcycle Deaths Involving Alcohol, where we rank 8th worse in the entire country.

According to data gleaned from QuoteWizard on July 29th, 2021, 100% of the 15 motorcycle fatalities in Wyoming involved alcohol.

We share these roads and it's paramount to always remember safety first. Being courteous while driving, especially on the highways, is just as important. With the added motorcycle presence of the Sturgis Bike Rally, it is even more critical that we all keep an open eye out for riders.

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