Am I the only person that didn't know there are epic sand dunes in Wyoming? There's a new video showing cycles and buggies catching some big air at Killpecker Sand Dunes.

Check out this video recently shared by COFPV on YouTube.

I had to look this place up. If you're like me and out of the sand dune loop, Killpecker Sand Dunes is about a 4 hour drive from Casper north of Rock Springs.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

According to Tour Wyoming, Killpecker Sand Dunes is the result of many years of wind erosion resulting in piles and piles of sand. Many that have visited Killpecker will sometimes mention that it sounds like the sand is singing. This is seriously a thing.

The Bureau of Land Management has even more information about Killpecker Sand Dunes. They have their own gallery of pics taken of the many vehicles that come to enjoy this area.

The University of Wyoming Extension YouTube channel has some more scientific aspects of how Killpecker came to be.

I have to confess it's hard to watch this video and NOT think about that famous scene in Napoleon Dynamite involving his aunt.

It's just another example of the fascinating and wildly varied Wyoming landscape where there are surprises around every corner (or sand dune).

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