There's nothing better than seeing a happy child. This video is something I've never had the pleasure to witness firsthand though.

YouTube channel, ViralHog, shared a video of a 5-year old boy that had just shot his first deer in Greenwood, Delaware, last Friday (November 6th, 2020). You can see his elation immediately. He's grinning from ear to ear and at one point in the short 34-second video, he even states that he almost cried.

The video's description mentions that the shot was made with a crossbow. As the saying goes "teach them young".

Both the boy and his father are clearly overjoyed at the entire event. It's always great to see a son bonding with his father, and what way could be better than hunting? There are plenty of lessons learned while hunting, including discipline, survival, patience and weapons training. You have to give it to the father for taking the time and effort and starting this young with his progeny. Well done, dad!

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