America's wildlife is something truly beautiful to behold. It is why we have some many television series and channels that are dedicated to them. We just can't enough of watching them.

For the intelligent folks, it's best to watch from a safe distance (again, why there are some many different ways to enjoy their majesty from the comfort of your own home).

Although there are several instances of tourists getting too close the animals, thankfully, this is not one of those times.

A new video was recently posted to viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, that shows an overzealous deer crashing through a business's glass front door. The video took place on January 7th, 2023 in Moorhead, Minnesota. Along with the footage, a caption was included that read:

Deer crashes into She Said Butcher Shop in Moorhead Minnesota. The owner and her kid were there at the time and witnessed the deer crashing things in the shop. The deer caused some damage to the shop but eventually left through the same door it busted in.

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Thank goodness the animal survived and was seemingly uninjured. If nothing more, it shows the perseverance of this particular deer. Having run headfirst into glass doors myself, I can tell you from firsthand experience, I was not attempting to move, at all afterwards.

Although this particular incident didn't take place in the Cowboy State, there have been several videos over the last decade where it has happened, and not surprisingly at all, often in the Jackson Hole area.

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