Every Fourth of July the community of Cody, Wyoming has a big parade in celebration of the Cody Stampede Rodeo and Independence Day.

This year a float was entered that won an award as well as drew the ire and the laughs of many. The float was decorated with wildlife and an outdoor scene with the main attraction being an outhouse with a sign that points it out as a transgender restroom.

This immediately caused a back and forth on social media about intent and whether or not it was appropriate for any parade.

This is one response to the Cody Chamber of Commerce

WOW!!! Cody Country Chamber of Commerce and Wyoming Office of Tourism -- Do you think this is an appropriate entry in the 4th of July Parade???? Crap like this, seen by thousands of visitors, makes your efforts worthless. Hey thanks Cody, Wyoming for making our state look like a bunch of prejudiced jerks.

Others saw it differently and posted this on the Cody, Wyoming Facebook page.

Here is what we think of the whole transgender bathroom deal in Cody Wyoming!!! I see that a whole lot of people are having a hard time deciding whether this is anti-transgender people or just a silly reminder that for years our bathrooms have been for males or females and that everyone has had the option of barring the door as needed. Whatever the case may be, it was just a funny attempt at poking fun of the whole issue and people need to just take a neutral attitude and calm down.

This came from another page and was just looking for answers,

I am HOPING that what they meant was different than what was portrayed.... I have seen things on the internet that have an outhouse with "Men, Women, Transgender" on the door... meaning this is something we all use. Why segregate bathrooms? Or am I just looking for the good in people when there is none? I HOPE we are reading this one wrong....

And this was the response from the Cody Stampede Parade Committee,

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us and respectfully shared concerns about the transgender restroom float in the parade. While we support everyone who are willing to spend the time and effort to create an entry for the parade, we recognize there was some confusion and even anger about this particular float. We are going to do what we always do in Wyoming and sit at the table with the folks from Wyoming Equality and the transgender community. We apologize for any hurt that may have been caused and we look forward to serving the entire Cody community - you are all what makes our town great. Thank you for your continued support.

We'd also like to clarify the award that was observed on the float; the award was not for the float, but actually for a different participant that was a costumed horse at the front of a longer entry. The award was for 2nd place - Single Mounted Rider - and is a horseman award. The parade participant placed the award on the float because it was more easily attached but actually had nothing to do with the float.

At this time we are unable to get answers from the people that put it together so will have to leave it to you for interpretation.

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