If you're a fan of the TV series "Yellowstone", you probably already have Sunday night's finale marked with red on your calendar. Based on what actor Cole Hauser has shared, you might want to be prepared to be shocked.

Paramount Network recently shared some behind-the-scenes backstory about the end of Season 9 of "Yellowstone".

Actor Cole Hauser just shared in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the final episode of season 3 could be a real humdinger. He was asked if all the characters will survive the season finale.

"Ah...that's a tough one...I will say this...it's not what you think...I think everybody's gonna be pretty shocked so I will leave you at that."

Parade's sneak peak at Yellowstone's final episode for this season and they wondered if wedding bells will be a part of it:

What will Beth’s reaction be when she sees that Walker has returned to Yellowstone? Does anyone else think Walker was asking way too many questions?

The Yellowstone finale airs Sunday night, August 23 on Paramount Network. Guess we'll all find out soon enough what loose ends get tied up and which ones fall apart completely.

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