The late night TV game is brutal, and its players are always looking for a new way to get ahead. So after noticing the success of Super Bowl counter-program the Puppy Bowl, Conan O’Brien had an idea. Puppy Conan, which would run simultaneously to his actual show, and feature adorable puppy versions of Conan, Andy and a guest.

Ahh, look at little Puppy Conan! Unlike the gigantic original redhead, the little pup is so small that he can barely see over his desk. And Puppy Andy, who has the same aversion to wigs as the real Richter, is even cuter.

And when engaging in a naked ratings ploy you need a little Justin Bieber, right? So let’s meet Puppy Bieber. He’s a chihuahua, of course. Do you think there’s room on the late night schedule for an all puppy show?

[via Team Coco]