“I was like, ‘Is this real?’ Then, when I looked down the barrel, I could see the bullet,” said Shawn Rozinski to KMGH TV in Denver Colorado.

Shawn and his girlfriend recently found themselves at the business end of a gun as the man holding it demanded their Dachshund puppy.

Rozinski says he and his girlfriend had gone for a walk at the Nettie Moore Park in Denver. It was a nice day for a stroll and they wanted some pictures of the new addition to their family. They asked a couple of teenagers to take a photo with the puppy. Rozinski and girlfriend agreed, but then one of the teens allegedly pulled a gun and took off with their puppy.

Rozinski fought back, but could not get to the teen in time before they drove away.

The couple hopes that, perhaps, the thieves will be good enough to bring the dog to a local shelter in turn for a reward. They just want their puppy back.

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