They called old Jerimiah crazy because he lived way up in those Wyoming mountains all by himself. But Jerimiah wants to ask those city folks, "Who's crazy now?" 

"Y'all have gangs and gunfights in your streets. Yer dealing with riots and your downtowns are burning," said Jerimiah, his arms flailing about as he ranted. "But up here on this mountain it's all quiet and peaceful."

"Yer politicians are corrupt and they have bankrupted government at every level to give you everything you've demanded. But you just keep demanding more. You call it "fee" but it ain't free ya dang fools. It's coming out of your own paycheck."

"You got unemployment. I live off the land."

"You got inflation. I ain't got no need for money."

"I hear tell you had some pandemic thing called The Covid. You had to wear masks and social distance. Well, I ain't had no such trouble up here cuz I'm about as socially distanced as a fella can get."

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"You can call me crazy for wanting to live way up here away from all you people. But the desire the escape crazy ain't all that crazy."

There was a time that people down off the mountains worried about old Jerimiah. They even considered going up to bring him down off that mountain. But the world has gone crazy enough that some are looking into buying property up where he is.

"Do me a favor," sighs old Jerimiah. "Stay down there and clean up the mess you made. Don't bring it up here."

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