After several weeks of me stating how badly I did NOT want to embarrass myself... well, it happened anyway. Last night the Harlem Globetrotters were in town to play at the Casper Event Center and yours truly somehow got drafted onto the All-Star team.

Anyone that knows DJ Nyke personally, is aware of my lack of prowess on the basketball court. Some of us were blessed with different gifts and for whatever reason, the good Lord saw fit to leave athleticism out of my repertoire. However, after hitting a few shots and lay-ups during warm up, I thought I would at least be decent. WRONG!!! I air-balled a completely open shot, albeit one from the 4-point range, which in a Globetrotters game is just inside of half court. Okay, so I decided maybe I should a little closer. 3-pointer... air-ball! Then to make matters worse, I missed a free throw and a lay-up! I finally got one to go in (thank the heavens).

All in all, it was a great night I'll never forget, nor will my children, friends and family that got a few chuckles at my expense. So here's the video... feel free to get your laugh on as well.

*On a side note, this was a historic moment for me. I was at the inaugural Harlem Globetrotters event in Casper at the then newly opened event Center probably about 30+ years ago. My father took my toddler baby brother and myself to the event. I'll never forget, I was standing inside the ticket area holding my little brothers hand while my dad stood outside in a ginormous line in the freezing snow & cold. A seemingly 8-foot tall black guy in suit walked up to me, asked me a few questions and then gave me tickets to the event. My dad was in shock at the kindness of someone giving us tickets and lo and behold when the game started, the guy that gave me the tickets was on the court! It was Meadowlark Lemon. I'll carry that memory to my grave. I guess it was poetic justice to be on the court with the legends over 3 decades later. My only regret, that my dad wasn't alive to share the moment with me.*    

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