Over the holiday break, I was hanging out with my dad in his man cave when we started going through some very old collectibles of his. That got me thinking, what kind of Wyoming themed collection items could be roaming the internet these days. Could they actually be worth anything?

Well, good news and bad news. If you have some of these you may want to hold onto them. Possibly hand them down to the grandkids. Others, you could make some pretty good cash from.

If you have a flag from the 1940's Cheyenne Frontier Days, you may want to hold on to it for a while. But if you need some quick cash people are willing to buy it on eBay.


Maybe you've got a family member who is all about the belt buckles. Jackson Hole Wyoming made sets of belt buckles all from the 1980s. These would be hard to part ways with.

whip50 eBay

This is not one of those pillows that you grab during a pillow fight. No this is one that has meaning and should be kept for years to come.

danna eBay

Wyoming has a rich history and many items that celebrate that history. Do you have anything like these items from back in the day from around the cowboy state?