Try to imagine what Wyoming looked like in 1960. The video below will show you. 

This late 1960s color travelogue film about Wyoming is narrated by Jack Douglas as part of the "America!" television series.

It takes the viewer from the east side of the state to the west.

The video begins with buffalo and antelope roaming on a plain.

Then it's off to see the deep Conestoga Wagon wheel ruts near Guernsey Wyoming along the Oregon Trail. You'll see Register Cliff has names and 1850s dates etched in.

attachment-Wyo 1960 waggon ruts

Wyoming is a young state. Watch as the people of the state celebrate statehood at the State Fair in Douglas.

At 15-1:31 into the video, there is a newspaper clipping from July 10, 1891, celebrating Wyoming’s statehood.

See what downtown Douglas Wyoming looked like in 1960 as Wyoming celebrated its 75th anniversary of Wyoming State Fair Pioneer Days in Douglas. 

Back then the Rexall Drugstore had a teepee as an entrance and front door.

attachment-Drug Store Douglas Wyoming 1960 teepee

From there we watch the rodeo at the county fair in Douglas, then the video takes us out of town and we head up the road to Ayres Natural Bridge and Devils Tower National Monument.

5:51-7:15 into the video and you'll have fun watching a Prairie Dog Town at Devil's tower.

From there it's off to Alcova Lake. (7:54-8:38). Hell’s Half Acre post office overlooks rocky badlands (8:39-9:16). Downtown Casper full of 1960s cars are followed by Old Fort Caspar. 11th Ohio Calvary reenactors play the bugle and raise the flag.

attachment-Caspe Wyoming 1960

9:17-11:32 into the video and the town of Lander appears. The one-shot antelope hunt is explained.  A Shoshone chief in full ceremonial clothing and headdress blesses the bullet for Wisconsin Governor Knowles.

It's the town of Cody at 11:33-13:18 in the video. The show takes a tour of the Cody Buffalo Bill Museum.

Jackson Lake at 13:19-16:00 is overshadowed by the Teton Mountains. Clouds cover the Grand Teton at 16:01.

Here is a bad scene by today's standards: Black bears sit at the side of the road or stand on hind legs to look into a 1964 Rambler Classic 770 car window at Yellowstone National Park. This is when tourists learned some bad habits. Elk, moose, and pronghorn antelope graze in the grassy meadows 17:06-18:14.

attachment-Yellowstone 1960


A video that tours Wyoming must end at a geyser at Yellowstone Lake. Morning Glory Pool Hot Springs, Dragon’s Mouth Spring, Black Dragon Cauldron, Clepsydra Geyser, Mammoth Hot Springs, the Minerva Terrace, and Old Faithful Geyser (18:15-20:00).

The waterfalls shown are Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone Upper Falls, and Lower Yellowstone Falls (20:01-20:38).

Enjoy the video. It's a lot of fun.


Vintage Wyoming Movie Posters

I love walking down the hallway of a modern movie theater and looking at the old posters of vintage movies.

That got me thinking about old Westerns based on Wyoming. How many of those posters are still around?

Many are, and many are for sale online, if you want to decorate your home, or even home theater, with classic and mostly forgotten movie posters.

Most of these films were made before the era of television. Hollywood was cranking out these things as fast as they could.

The plots, the scrips, the acting, directing, and editing were SO BAD, they were good.

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