As a self-proclaimed comic book super nerd, I found myself wondering if the Cowboy State had ever been featured in any of my favorite movies and/or televisions shows. You can only imagine my pure delight when I found out the answer was yes.

First off, to say I am a fan of all things nerd culture is an understatement. But like most nerds, I do have preferences, number one being the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU for short). To date, there are 23 films, released in three phases and 14 television series. Out of all the various firms of media that have already been released in the MCU, Wyoming was only featured (at least prominently) on one of the television series: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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During the "Ragtag" episode, which consisted of a detailed back story for Agent Grant Ward, the majority of that flashback scene takes place in the wilderness of Wyoming. It shows why Ward is ultimately loyal to Garrett, who is really a Hydra agent.

This was a crazy reveal that almost no one saw coming (it's a safe bet that no one saw it coming), but the fact that such a major turn of events started with a pretty big scene in Wyoming is kind of big deal.

It's worth noting that the MCU Fandom page for the episode actually states that it was shot in Wyoming, although I was unable to confirm that IMBb.

It's still a cool little nerdy factoid for all the Marvel fans out there.

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