Now this would be even better had I caught the Walleye myself but unfortunately due to weather and driving that wasn't possible. I am surprised I have not had Walleye before...

Rodeo Rick is a master fisher with a really nice boat! I can't wait to actually fish for these guys. Alcova or the Miracle Mile is where I want to go. Rick had luckily just caught some of these bad boys, and we were able to have a good old fish fry on Friday before the rodeo.

Rick used some sort of magic concoction with spice and it made my eyes water but was so perfect on the Walleye. It didn't really taste that spicy, it was great! Even people who don't like fish like Walleye, it's not really fishy tasting.

It was perfect with red wine or a Moscow Mule. (I had both.) Can't wait to fish for these guys.

Charene Herrera TSM
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