If you have been spending much time on your favorite, or least favorite, social networking site and have noticed more than a few changes you are not alone. In recent days we have been subjected to "improved" friends lists, a "subscribe" button, new news feeds, bigger pictures and more. Not being the smartest guy with my social networking, I go to the experts at The Facebook Blog for some help on the recent changes. Let's take them one at a time.

The Subscribe Button

By using this button, it gives you the ability to pick and choose the types of content you would like to see from individual friends. You can include in you newsfeed all, most or only the most important information from each of your friends. This button also gives you the ability to follow the lives and actions of the "interesting" people that you are not friends with. For a tutorial from The Facebook blog, click here.

The Improved Friends List

Personally i have had new friends list pop up for Casper folks, Kelly Walsh High School, my employer, a family list and more. This gives one the ability to share with certain groups of friends, certain stories. Seems a bit confusing but makes a lot of sense if you have a specific story to share only around the office or an old recipe that you would like to share only with your family. Again a great tutorial is here.

The New News Feed

Perhaps the one change that is making the biggest waves is this one because it is changing the look of the Facebook home page and we HATE change. This change however, is supposed to enhance the experience of your Facebook visit whether you visit hourly, daily, weekly or once a month.

Now take a deep breath because it doesn't sound like we are done with the changes just yet. There are, according to this story at Mashable, even bigger changes being rolled out on Thursday with a music and media platform being launched. That this is coming out at the same time that Google+ is being made available to everyone is no coincidence as each of these social networks is doing its best to get the most of your time at the keyboard.