If you have checked your Facebook account in the last couple of days, then you know that everyone and their dog is up in arms about the evil intentions of the Facebook Phonebook. If you have somehow managed to avoid the warnings that have been flying around everyone's newsfeeds, then here is a sample of what you've missed:

Sounds pretty scary, right? With perhaps a dash of Big Brother thrown in for good measure? Well, turns out it is nothing quite so devious. In fact, it is basically just your phone syncing itself with your Facebook account - just what we would expect of our "Smart" Phones right? Even more to the point, it is all managed  by settings that YOU CONTROL!

Simply put, it is just one more way for Facebook to help us keep track of our hundreds or even thousands of contacts. That said, if you aren't exactly comfortable with the idea of your contacts' phone numbers being harvested and tied to your Facebook account, that's perfectly alright. Here is a very simple solution posted by tech-blogger Mari Smith which breaks down this misunderstood Facebook feature and, more importantly, shows you how to adjust your personal settings in order to prevent it from affecting you adversely.