It could very well have already happened to you. You end up at one of those "Last Friday Night" style parties, assuming that when you let your hair down a little, what happens at the party stays at the party - right? Wrong, if you're connected with someone on Facebook who decided it was a good idea to post some camera-phone shots of the action and tag you without your knowledge. However, due to some big changes this week - you may no longer have to awaken to find your boss or your 2nd grade teacher commenting on 47 photos of your introduction to "body shots". Here's what's changing:

  • 1

    Control Over Photo Tags

    Now, you can personally approve or reject any post or picture that you're tagged in - it'll no longer happen automatically without your knowledge. Unless, of course, you opt not to use the new tool - which will result in all of the above automatically getting approved like the old days. (It's probably a good idea to use the tool.) This won't stop that photo of you making your inebriated pole-dancing debut from ending up on Facebook, keep in mind - your friends can still post. You just won't be tagged, so it won't pop up on your wall or in all your friends' feeds.

  • 2

    Ability To Tag People You Aren't Friends With

    In the past, when you were at some kind of big event where maybe you got a great group shot of people you're connected through via a friend of a friend - you had to become Facebook friends with them if you wanted to post a picture and tag them. The new Facebook will allow you to tag someone without that step - with approval, of course. (See #1)

  • 3

    See Your Profile The Way Everyone Else Does

    Facebook just added a new button at the top right of your page called "View Profile As" - which will allow you to look at what you're displaying online through someone else's eyes. Specifically your boss, your mom, your ex-boyfriend - you get the idea.

  • 4

    Selective Status Sharing

    New drop-down menu on Facebook now that will allow you to share your status with everyone, or just a certain group that you can select and customize. No longer does your Grandma need to know that you're "making it rain", or do the rest of us need to be subjected to sitting through sappy status updates meant for your boo-boo-schmookie-wookie. You can even change your mind and decide who can and can't see a status update after the fact.

  • 5

    Privacy Settings Are Easier To Use

    This was kind of a pain in the past - having the settings you needed a little difficult to find and several clicks away. No longer do you have to do a research project on how the hell to change things, it'll all be in a little drop-down menu next to each thing on your profile. (Your location, birthday, photos you just posted, etc.) Now, when you click, you can select who can see that particular part of your profile.

  • 6

    Facebook Failure - Still No "Dislike" Button

    People have been asking for this one for ages. We're looking at you, Mark Zuckerberg. What else would you like to see that's not on this list of upgrades?